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The spirit

Calce is a unique village between the Mediteranean, the Pyrénées and the Corbières. Located at a 300 meters’ height, the vines are situated on a very rich terroir.

Soils : Marls, Shale et Clay.
White grapes : Macabeu, Grenache Gris et blancs.
Red grapes : Carignan, Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre

I have never asked myself the question nor had any hesitation, because it’s unthinkable to work the vines and the land without love and respect. You can not speak of respect for the land whilst putting on products with a skull on the cans.

I don’t do anything extraordinary. I work. I put on the compost. I use sulphur against the vine mildew and an infusion of horse tail for the little mildew that we have. This remains a base. As time goes by, through reading, exchanging ideas, wine tasting and other experiences, the wish to take inspiration from the biodynamic comes naturally. Silica and horn dung (501 and 500) complete the infusions of horse tail, fern and nettle’s which I use.

My goal is to make the wine as good as possible by getting as much out of the soil as I can, whilst respecting our environment and considering the problem of leaving to generations to come healthy soil: “We don’t inherit the land of our ancestors, we lend it to our children”.

The Biodynamic cultivation:

– The crop: We are putting horn silicia (501) during fall and spring. During fall in order to stimulate the return of sap towards roots and to have the storage and to reinforce the photosynthesis and bring some light quality to crops.
– The soil: We bring some Maria Thum compost during fall to stimulate life within our soils and bring some compost by homeopathic dose. Some cow-horn manure (500) to stimulate our soils wake up during spring.
I came out with bionynamic cultivation with the palate. When you taste more and more wines and when the common point of the ones you prefer are cultivated in biodynamy, it is worth questionning yourself. After some conversations, and some wines, I took the first step. This kind of agriculture is the extension of the Organic Agriculture but Dynamic. Some similar basis with homeopathy in dilution and revitalisation. It is for me a way to express even more me “terroirs” and the qualitative potential of my vineyard. It took me 10 years to bring soils back to life, soils that were killed by the previous generation. Today, soils are alive and expressive, a the biodynamic cultivation is here to sublimate all this. As well as the organic process, the biodynamy is a mean, and, in no way, a quality value for the wines. There are some biodynamic wines that I don’t like.

Life and biodiversity:

For almost 15 years, I share my life with Laïs. 15 years of common life, that is beautiful. I have always liked cows and animals in general (particularly those that can be eaten). When I arrived in Calce with my cow and a mare, everyone was asking themselves what I was doing with animals. Today, I have 6 cows in the vines to work the soil between October and April. We have some hives, for me agriculture is Something to consider in its wholeness. We have planted many trees and plan to plant hedges around plantings.


We started by sowing in some vines to reintroduce a permanent vegetal cover. A mix of cereals and leguminous is sowed early during fall to have a vegetal cover during winter, that we will lay down by spring and also bring some organic matter for as much as life in our soils.